Client Declaration of Values

In living our mission of enabling health through healing, hope and wellness; the Health Centre is committed to placing our clients at the centre of care. This declaration of client values says what the client can count on when participating in Health Centre services, programs and activities:

As a client, I have the right to:

  • Quality care and treatment that is evidence-based and in a safe environment consistent with available resources and generally accepted standards.
  • Considerate and respectful care, with recognition of personal dignity.
  • A communication process to listen, ask, and respond.
  • An explanation of care concerning my diagnosis, treatment, procedures, and prognosis of illness in terms I can understand.
  • Be advised of information needed in order to make knowledgeable decisions on consent or refusal of treatments. Such information should include significant complications, risks, benefits, and alternative treatments available.
  • Refuse treatment to the extent permitted legally and to be informed of the consequences of my refusal.
  • Privacy and confidentiality, within the law, concerning healthcare. I or my legal designated representatives have access to the information contained in the medical records, within the limit of the law.
  • Be informed of the facility’s rules and regulations, including those pertinent to conduct. 
  • Be informed of the complaint process and submit a complaint.

Client Responsibilities

Staff and volunteers commit to working in partnership with clients, who in turn are expected to uphold certain responsibilities:

  • To keep appointments to the best of your ability or cancel them in a timely fashion (48 hours notice).
  • To follow mutually agreed upon treatment plans.
  • To let the Health Centre know if you are no longer following treatment plans.
  • To disclose important information necessary for your care - including the use of outside healthcare providers.
  • To follow community group guidelines developed for healthy group interactions.
  • To attend to personal hygiene issues prior to coming to the Health Centre.
  • To refrain from attending the Health Centre while intoxicated or under the influence of illegal substances.
  • To respect the professional relationship with Health Centre providers and program leaders.
  • To behave in a respectful and non-threatening manner towards staff and other clients of the Health Centre.



To provide the best possible care, we need to collect and use personal health information.  Compass Community Health is committed to keeping your information safe and confidential.  We follow the rules set out in law about collecting, using and disclosing your personal information. 

To ensure the protection of your personal information, we have:

  • Privacy Policies in place
  • Appointed a Chief Privacy Officer to answer your concerns or inquiries
  • Set up safeguards in the handling of paper, electronic and verbal personal information


The Centre’s service providers work in teams to provide you with comprehensive care and service.  Information for your best care may be shared among those directly involved with your care.


Compass CH may report information to third parties without consent:

  • If we believe you are a danger to yourself or others
  • If we suspect that a child under the age of 16 is at risk
  • If our records are subpoenaed by the courts
  • If you are considered by law to be unable to make informed decisions about yourself
  • In cases of a reportable communicable disease that must be reported to a Public Health Agency
  • To determine or verify your eligibility to receive health care benefits
  • In cases of required reporting to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board


The information in your records belongs to you; the physical record itself belongs to the Centre.  You are welcome to read or request a copy of your personal health records (administration fee applicable for photocopies).  If you wish to access your personal health record please inquire at the front desk.


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